The Sobbaghieh

Sobbaghieh from the word "Sabgha" meaning dye in Arabic, is a rare dark-skinned red wine grape native to Lebanon. 

It belongs to the "Tinturier" grape variety, characterized by its red-colored flesh and juice. The presence of anthocyanin pigments within the pulp of the "Tinturier" grapes is what gives them this rich crimson color and higher levels of tannins.

Traditionally, Sobbaghieh grapes were grown in the mountains of Lebanon and used in the dying of red vinegar!
As the years passed, old traditions were forgotten, so was the use of Sobbaghieh.
That is until, Dr. Fadi Gerges, founder and owner of Château Cana, decided to experiment with the grapes and make wine!

For him, everything that Mother Nature has to offer is a gift, a gift that should not be forgotten.

This is how Jardin Secret was born:
A product of pure curiosity, imagination and lots of love for the Lebanese soil.

Jardin Secret is a wonderful gem of a wine, made purely from Sobbaghieh, and aged for 6 months in used oak barrels

It is dense and deep, offering the distinct taste of "sunny grapes". 

The aromas are expressed through a burst of dark berries and a subtle taste of burnt oak and barnyard elements, like forest floor. It also has a delicate after taste of sweet spices.
A dry wine, with medium body, it has a soft finish with gentle, but still present, tannins.

Make sure you decant it for at least an hour or two!

February 18, 2021