With love, from Batroun Mountains

Throughout their early working years, Assaad and Katy Hark would wake up, day after day, with their lifelong dream always in mind: to go back to their homeland and make wine.  
So, one day, they did just that. They moved back to Lebanon and created Batroun Mountains.


This was the way, Assaad Hark, grape grower and winemaker, would express his love for Lebanon: by choosing to respect the land and making a genuine Lebanese wine.
That is why Batroun Mountains’s grapes are certified 100% organic by the CCPB. Organic means gentle, it means caring and respecting nature, the soil, the seasons and the environment. And what better way to express your love for your homeland than actually growing what organically comes out of it?

Many people work hard for many years to sit back afterwards and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The Harks do enjoy the fruits of their hard work, but they hardly have the time to sit back. They wake up at 4 in the morning to get to work: from managing the winery, to growing the vines, to harvesting the grapes with their own hands.
When your craft is your passion and your business is your family, no time is too early to wake up!
In fact, it’s the family itself that sees through all of the winemaking process: growing, producing, bottling and marketing. All is carefully handled by each member of the Hark family, from vineyard, to bottle, to your table.
Katy, the warm and driving force of the family, tells us of all the memories she has of her children in the vineyards, she remembers when each of her kids had their own pair of vine clippers, proudly illustrating how almost all of their family memories were created around the vineyards, how Batroun Mountain’s history, is in fact, the Hark family’s history.

We sipped on their famous Frizzante Sparkling White Wine: a fun and genuine surprise made from a blend of seven grapes, delivering a superb complexity and wide range of floral aromas and fruits, fresh and crisp acidity, with a pleasant roundness! (Get a taste HERE).

Every bottle, from their red Prestige to their Chardonnay, is infused with passion and love. Love for the family, love for the grape, love for the soil, love for Batroun and love for Lebanon; and this kind of passion translates into every sip of a Batroun Mountains organic wine. See what we mean HERE.


February 02, 2021