Food and alcohol: a match made in heaven
It is no secret that washing down our food with some alcohol is one of the simple pleasures of life.
It adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to our culinary experiences as our palates are delighted with certain mixtures.
There are specific beverages that go with specific foods that take us on a unique adventure.
So, here’s a roadmap for the best combinations in order to reach the best flavorful occurrence.

food and alcohol
For starters, if you’re looking to jazz up your meal with some champagne; here are some foods that go amazingly well with it:
Oysters, Shellfish, Duck, Spicy foods and Soft and creamy cheeses like Goat Cheese or Halloumi


food and alcohol

If you’re less into the sparkling wine and usually opt for reds; here are some things to pair it with:
Steak ( a classic favorite, of course), Mushroom risotto, Pizza, Veal and Grilled pork


food and alcohol

For white lovers, here’s some food items you can indulge in along with your bottle:
Sushi, Poultry (chicken or turkey), Shrimp, crab, and lobster and Light salads


food and alcohol
Now, there’s a huge community of beer lovers in the world who enjoy the casual six-pack in front of the TV or by the beach while snacking on some chips or popcorn; but there’s more to just that!
Burgers, Chicken wings, Mexican food, Grilled cheese sandwiches, Barbecue and Sausages
Have a beer with any of the above-mentioned foods and we can guarantee that will it only better your meal!

food and alcohol
Now onto Vodka… Vodka on the rocks, vodka with a twist, vodka-based cocktail --- however you prefer to take it, it is undoubtedly a perfect accompaniment for the following dishes:
Russian Salad, Smoked fish of all kinds, Dried of smoked beef, Steak tartare and Creamy or salty cheeses


food and alcohol

Moving onto Whiskey now… Whiskey doesn’t have to be served only after food. Times have changed and people now enjoy sipping their drink along with some food! Here’s a list of some:
Focaccia bread, Dark Chocolate, Shrimp cocktail, Onion rings, Mini quiches and Liver pâté


food and alcohol

Now gin is popular with a variety of different food options ranging from Indian curries to charcuterie to berries! Pour yourself a Gin and Tonic next time and see for yourself!

food and alcohol
Finally, let’s discuss Rum! When you think Rum and food, your mind should automatically take you to Steak for starters! The grilled flavors of the meat along with the wood, caramel essence of the spirit is not something you want to miss out on. It also pairs perfectly well with your Mac and Cheese and really, any dessert at all!
We hope this blueprint will invite you to experiment more with alcohol and food and get your taste buds working!
October 13, 2022 — Traccs Lebanon
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