100% Lebanese DNA - Obeidy St. Thomas

100% Lebanese DNA - Obeidy St. Thomas

While the Lebanese people are becoming more and more international, and our Diaspora is living in the four corners of the world, one of the things that everyone always takes pride in is the country’s heritage and its beautiful identity.


Lebanon is known for its culture whether it be in relation to its music, its art, its food or its delicious wines for instance. There are a variety of different reds, whites and rosés harvested in the gorgeous landscapes surrounding the country. Many of the latter hold European hints to their making and taste but the Obeidy wine made by Château St Thomas is unique in its composition.


This bottle is made using what once used to be considered unsuitable for wine-making; the Obeidy grape. The owners of Château St Thomas decided to send it to DNA testing and profiling where it was revealed that it is authentically 100% Lebanese. After experimentation, the vineyard excelled in the making of Obeidy wine and have launched it in the market with the efforts of reviving the legendary grape of Lebanon.


This dry white wine comes from the Bekaa Valley contains floral notes and sweet spices, perfect for all who enjoy citrus notes. This mix is that of a divine concoction that will add more life to your bar at home and make you appreciate Lebanese wine at its finest.

It’s not day drinking, it’s brunch…

It’s not day drinking, it’s brunch…

Brunch is the best excuse to start drinking early in the AM and what other than a good mimosa to pair with your food?

We’re here to make sure you host your best brunch yet with our mimosa recipe that will have you and your guests reaching for the carafe all afternoon.

 Here’s what you need:

  • 1 chilled bottle of your favorite dry sparkling wine
  • 3 cups chilled orange juice (preferably freshly squeezed)


Mimosa Recipe



And that’s it; an easy and quick make for a delicious drink that is guaranteed to upscale your eggs benedict, your avocado toast and honestly… your overall day.

August 11, 2022

Terre Joie from the Bekaa Valley brings us joy with its wines (as per its name).

If you’re somebody who doesn’t particularly enjoy red wine due to its warmer temperature or perhaps its more aggressive nature, Terre Joie has created the perfect bottle that will make you question all you have ever known. The CinLight 2018 made particularly with Cinsault (which originates from France) is meant to be drank cooled. According to the owner of the winery, it is a “white red”. It’s light and perfect to taste!
Another bottle that is exclusively unique to Lebanon would be The Aromatix Rosé 2019 that is the only wine made 100% from Grenache which is similar to many French wines all the while staying true to its Lebanese foundation. Just like its name indicates, the aromas are impossible to miss with all the freshness they impose.
These two unique bottles are crafted to excellence and should definitely be additions to your bar shelf.
August 01, 2022

Wine and cheese; a heavenly pairing

Wine and cheese have been the perfect pair for centuries.
It is something everybody seems to enjoy; whether you’re having a big gathering with friends and family or simply staying in with your partner (or by yourself); wine and cheese always seems like the perfect way to do it.
Today is National Wine and Cheese Day; a special day where we get to rejoice and enjoy that wonderful bond.
What better way to celebrate this day than by hosting your own Wine and Cheese night?
Order your bottles here, get yourself some fine cheeses to experiment with and have at it!
Arak & Tout Recipe

Arak & Tout Recipe

When drinking Arak, it usually goes 1/3 Arak and 2/3 water, some ice and it’s already the perfect drink.

But we added something to the mix we think everyone would enjoy.

We get it- we understand that Arak is mixed with water and that’s the extent to which everyone is willing to go to stay authentic to the traditions.


Arak & Tout Recipe


But you haven’t tried this divine of a mix yet- it’s simple, it’s straight to the point and so easy to make. Give it a shot to see how you will be the hero at your next gathering.

It’s still 1 glass of Arak, 2 of cold water but now you add 2 tablespoons of Toot “Mulberry” syrup, ice cubes and you mix until diluted. Now brace yourself to be pleasantly surprised and enjoy!

July 15, 2022
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Arak Cana; the drink of connectivity

Chateau Cana - Arak Soukara
When we think of Lebanon, we think of many things. A small country stretching along the Mediterranean Sea filled with beautiful sceneries, a rich culture, wonderful people and of course, exceptional Arak.
Arak, being the national drink, is greatly adored by the population.
But it has always had a special feature, a characteristic that makes it stand out from other spirits; its ability to bring people together. (like those jugs of Arak we find on family Sunday lunches…)
Arak - Chateau Cana
Having many health benefits to it, Arak truly has its own unique taste. It’s made from grape aniseed indigenous to Lebanon and undergoes a distillation process before it matures in terracotta jars.
A spirit like no other, Arak is a fundamental piece of Lebanon and Château Cana has created an irresistible bottle “Arak Soukara” that should definitely be placed on your bar shelf.
July 14, 2022
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Jun Dry for your summertime spirits

Jun Gin


Gin is highly appreciated all over the world. And with good reason…

It has made its way into cocktail culture and the bar scene due to its versatile flavor. 

Made essentially from juniper berries, Jun Dry is also infused with coriander seeds and local orange peels which makes for delicious drinks and offers bartenders an opportunity to experiment and create greatness.

Produced in Rechmaya, this bottle is a must-have as it will take your Gin Basil, Gin Passion and Gin anything… to the next level.

July 14, 2022

The Ice Edition; A real game-changer

Chateau Kefraya has mastered the art of wine. A delicate craft that needs hard-
work, attention and a vision; the talented wine-makers have come out with a drink
bound to transform your summer experience; wine on ice.


Chateau Kefraya - blanc de blanc - Ice Edition


It is a beautiful combination of the world’s finest grapes grown in the Bekaa
Valley in the fields of Kefraya. With the use of Chardonnay, Muscat Blanc,
Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Clairette and Ugni Blanc; these grapes are carefully
fermented to create a unique signature taste of light white wine.

Adding ice to the drink will only accentuate the powerful flavor of the Lebanese
wine and emphasize its silky feel accompanied with a hint of the perfect ripe
yellow plum.

This bottle contains what could be considered the most suitable drink for this
summer season. This re-mastered version of Blanc des Blancs will leave you
reaching for the bottle all day long.



July 04, 2022

It’s time to bring the tropical cocktails out!

What better way to welcome the summer heat than whipping the tropical cocktails out! This pineapple sangria is the best exotic touch to spice up your sunny season – adding a mixture of one of our top locally produced Pinot wine and the refreshing, flavorful taste of seasonal fruit.
This cocktail holds true to traditional sangrias by having wine as its main foundation but incorporates a different twist with its use of tropical pineapple and citrus fruits. This recipe may be enjoyed on any occasion and paired with numerous meal choices to fulfill your satisfactions and evoke the feeling of a paradise getaway.
Without further ado, it’s time to grab your Lebanese Pinot from the fridge and get to making this simple recipe. Here’s all you’ll need:
  • 750 mL Pinot wine
  • 2 cups pineapple juice
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 24 oz Sprite or lemon lime soda
Sit back, relax, and let the drink do the talking!
June 13, 2022
Cognac vs Brandy; a liqueur lesson

Cognac vs Brandy; a liqueur lesson

There is an abundance of spirits that are made locally here in Lebanon that have become very famous and a staple in some people’s houses. Besides the Lebanese wineries (since they make the best wine for Lebanese food), there are also some other drinks to be enjoyed after relishing in your meal.  

As a digestive, it’s good for you to go for a nice whiskey, a neat Cognac or a marvelous Brandy.   

Cognac and Brandy are often mistaken for one another. This is mainly because they look the same, they’re both made from distilling wine and because it’s often repeated that “every cognac is a brandy, but not all brandy is a cognac” which leaves people wondering what that means exactly. That’s where the confusion settles in but here’s a short spirits session that could benefit everyone.



For starters, Brandy, put very simply, is a distilled spirit made from fermented fruit juice; whether it be grapes, apples, pears- that’s Brandy for you. You may be wondering how it differs from wine when it’s done with grapes- the answer is quite simple; it’s all in the distillation process. The latter concentrates the wine which in turn increases the alcohol content in the beverage all while removing some or most of the water present in the grape!

Brandy is most preferred and better enjoyed when aged in wooden barrels just like our own Katy from Batroun does it for 10 years in French oak! This makes for a smoother, softer and sweeter drink as you still get hints of fruitiness and tartness.

Now onto Cognac- it is a specific type of Brandy. It is probably the most well-known and esteemed type of Brandy. Just like its name suggests, it is only specifically made in the Cognac region in France. However, its place of origin is not the only characteristic that makes it what it is. In fact, it must follow strict rules such as the fact that it can only be distilled from white grapes; it has to be distilled twice between October 1 and March 31 according to French law and aged for a minimum of two years.

And there you go… that’s the difference between Cognac and Brandy.
June 04, 2022